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Our Military Law Solicitor, Trevor Line, has extensive experience representing serving members of the Army and the other Armed Forces on matters ranging from Courts Martial to Disciplinary investigations under AGI to Army Accident Claims. He has represented Service men and women in Brunei, Iraq, Belize, Jamaica, the USA and Gemany. Offences dealt with include manslaughter, rape and sexual assaults, death by dangerous driving and serious fraud allegations. With offices in Salisbury, Amesbury and Andover, we regularly appear at the nearby Bulford Military Court Centre, but also represent service personnel abroad, communicating by telephone, e-mail and video link.

With the introduction of the Armed Forces Act 2006, we are more than happy to represent clients of all ranks from all three Armed Services, civilian employees and dependants subject to Military Law / Discipline.

For any member of the Armed Forces being charged with an offence against Service Law can be an uncertain and stressful time. You will need advice and assistance from the outset on the possible outcomes and we have the expertise to advise you at every step.

Independent Legal Representation – it’s your choice

If you are interviewed by the Service or Civilian Police you are entitled to be assisted by an independent Civilian Legal Representative of your choice, free of charge.

Legal Aid

If you are charged with a military offence you can apply (though SSA or your Discipline Sergeant) for Legal Aid and when doing so you are entitled to nominate a Legal Representative of your choice, don’t leave it up to the Authorities to decide for you.

Being Court Martialled this can be a traumatic experience. You may face a full trial and your sentence being passed by a Judge Advocate, whose powers of punishment are very similar to those available to a civilian Crown Court.

Obviously there are certain service offences that have no equivalent civilian offence, which makes it even more important to have an expert in your corner who knows exactly what you are facing. We have a team of lawyers who specialise in representing service personnel on a full range of issues affecting the UK Armed Forces – from military divorce to Army Accident Claims.

10% Armed Forces discount

We also offer an exclusive 10% discount to all serving Army and other military personnel on all our military law services.

Forces Law

We are members of Forces Law – a nationwide group of military law experts, and our solicitors provide legal assistance to members of both Regular and Reserve Forces.

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