Military PTSD Claims

PTSD, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, as the name suggests, comes about as the result of a highly traumatic event. In military terms, this usually refers to acts of war, military combat or witnessing other highly traumatic events including death or mutilation. The effect of such events on the human mind can be devastating. Most survivors of such trauma can return to normality given time and proper therapy, but for many the effects are long lasting and many get worse over time.

PTSD – the symptoms

Symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder can include flashbacks, nightmares, emotional numbness and difficulty sleeping. Many sufferers can also go on to develop serious depression – and even move on to serious substance abuse and its associated physical health problems. Symptoms can vary significantly in intensity over time. Put simply, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder can affect every smallest facet of a person’s life and cause indescribable and irreparable damage. With up to 30% of people suffering a traumatic event going to develop Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, millions of people all over Britain will at some point be affected, but, sadly, those who have served in the UK military are particularly vulnerable.

Many veterans coming back from campaigns in Iraq or Afghanistan, for example, have often been exposed to horrendous incidents which they simply can’t forget. Sadly a significant number have subsequently developed PTSD, and what’s really shocking is that the military have often failed to spot this, causing real problems when returning soldiers to the front line without having received any treatment.

Military Post-traumatic Stress Disorder – can I claim compensation?

You don’t need to suffer in silence, though. Where we can prove that your Post-traumatic Stress Disorder has been caused by some sort of military-related trauma, a claim against the Ministry of Defence may be possible. However, do, be warned. Although claiming against the MoD cannot affect your job, the whole process can seem daunting, especially as the Ministry has a reputation for ensuring any claims are long and drawn out, and that they are vigourously defended. However, by engaging a specialist medical negligence lawyer with experience of military PTSD claims, you can ensure that your claim will be dealt with as efficiently and sympathetically as possible.

The benefits of winning a compensation claim can be life-changing, especially when compared to the alternative of living a life crippled by depression, stress and its related physiological symptoms. Malcolm New, for example, was a colour sergeant with the Royal Welch Fusiliers. He returned from Ulster in 1993 after having experienced many traumas and was not offered any treatment upon his return. His development of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder led to his career being cut short, and in 2005 he was awarded £620,000 by the Ministry of Defence for the devastating and life-changing effects the trauma had caused him.

Even in a situation where minor symptoms are experienced and a full recovery is expected, anywhere between £2,000 and £5,000 can be expected due to the impact on the person’s life, whereas severe disability and effects on a person’s work and social life can result in much higher compensation payouts.

Put simply, if you have suffered trauma as the result of military action, you could be able to claim for negligence against the Ministry of Defence.

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