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Failing to get independent legal advice – the consequences

Saying, or not saying the right thing when you’re interviewed by military police can ruin your career. Don’t take any chances – make sure you have your own choice of specialist military law solicitor to represent you in the interview.

Insist on your own choice of military law solicitor

  • If you’re interviewed by military police following arrest, you have the legal right to ask for your own solicitor.
  • Don’t let the military police persuade you to go without your own independent legal advice, or to appoint a lawyer working for the army, the divorce or air force. They will often try to tell you that this will speed things up – that may, or may not be true, but don’t do it – you need specialist and independent legal advice in interview – your military career may be at stake.

Independent legal advice – whether you’re guilty or not

Requesting a military law solicitor of your own is not an admission of guilt. It is just exercising your legal rights.

Independent legal advice – Available Worldwide and 24/7

We regularly represent service personnel in military interviews [and Court Martial hearings at both the local Bulford Military Court Centre and elsewhere] throughout the UK and overseas.

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