Sennelager Military Court Centre

The Military Court Centre at Sennelager in Germany, has been the only court dealing with military offences in Germany since 2009.

When soldiers and their families are serving overseas, it can be tough to have contact with a UK lawyer. But a court martial is a serious hearing and you need proper representation. Making sure you have a specialist solicitor with you at a hearing in Sennelager Military Court Centre is not a problem for us here at Bonallack and Bishop – just contact one of our team and we can arrange for an expert military law solicitor to represent you.

Sennelager Military Court Centre specialist legal representation

Along with the other three principal UK-based court martial centres at Bulford, Catterick and Colchester, military hearings are noticeably different from those in civilian courts. What’s more, the range of punishments are severe – so you want to make sure you appoint a lawyer who really understands how military law works.

Here at Bonallack and Bishop, we are members of Forces Law – the national organisation of specialist military lawyers. What’s more, from our offices surrounding Salisbury Plain, in Andover, Amesbury and Salisbury itself, we have looked after the legal problems of thousands of soldiers over the past 25 years.

Whether you’re facing a trial at a Court-Martial and or a Summary Appeal Court, you may be entitled to legal aid from the Army Criminal Legal Aid Authority to pay in full or in part for your legal representation.

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Here at Bonallack and Bishop, we regularly represent soldiers worldwide – at home and when posted overseas – taking instructions using phone, email and Skype video. And what’s more, we can arrange for a specialist lawyer to represent you in person at Sennelager

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