Disciplinary matters
– both at Summary Level (Commanding Officer) and Court Martial, including advice prior to Summary Hearing and trial by Court Martial and providing representation at the SAC and at Court Martial and post hearing to the Court Martial Appeal Court. Military Legal Aid is available for this Court work and we can help you apply for it. Sometimes Legal Aid is free but you may have to pay a contribution towards the cost.

Service Complaints
During the course of service in the Armed Forces, individuals may be subject to a decision, omission or mistake that can have catastrophic consequences on their future careers. We can help in drafting and submitting a Service Complaint with the aim of resolving such issues.

Administrative matters and Employment
including Minor/Major Administrative Action (MAA/AGAI 67), covering loss of rank/rate, seniority and the full range of administrative censures and Army, Navy and RAF  employment issues.

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