Claiming for loss of hearing or deafness in the military

Those who have served in the military and suffered hearing loss of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) after 1987 may find that they are eligible to claim compensation.

Loud engines, heavy machinery, explosions and gunfire can all lead to hearing loss, especially when Armed Forces personnel are not provided with the equipment they need to protect their hearing. The damage to hearing can be long-term, from tinnitus to deafness and it is only fair that individuals are compensated if they suffer due to failures on the part of the MoD. The MoD is bound by 2005 regulations designed to prevent the exposure of workers to very loud noises. The MoD should provide those exposed to high noise levels with ear plugs but it often not done. The health and hearing of military personnel should also be checked regularly.

In order to claim compensation for hearing loss, comprehensive evidence will be needed. An audiologist will be needed to assess the claimant and produce a report on the cause of their injuries and their severity. If it can be shown that the loss of hearing has been sustained due to military service rather than other factors and that this directly resulted from the negligence of the military, the claim is likely to succeed.

The armed forces rely on the excellent communication skills and teamwork or all members. Hearing loss can therefore be career threatening. If you have serious hearing difficulties or ear problems such as ear drum perforation or grommets, you will not be accepted into the armed forces. Equally, if you develop serious hearing difficulties, you could be discharged from service.

Recent research from a campaign group suggests that 2 out of every 3 members of the armed forces who served in Afghanistan now have hearing difficulties.

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